10 Ways to Winterize Your Home

By: PMG Team

10 Ways to Winterize Your Home

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With many people preparing for freezing winter temperatures in Georgetown, Caledon, Brampton and other areas, it is now time to get your home ready before the well-known  winter weather risks become your worst nightmare such as frozen pipes!
Whether this winter is your first time in your own home or the tenth, there are a few things you can do to help prepare your home for the harsh winter conditions. 

1. Shut off water valve to exterior faucets - Make sure that you drain all garden hoses and disconnect from the exterior water supply to prevent freezing. An alternative solution is to install an anti-frost faucet as the valves in these faucets are located inside the walls of your home instead of outside where it can freeze. 

2. Lower Thermostat on the water heater - This is a great way to save money on your utility bill this winter. Although most people like to increase their water heater temperature in the winter to get more hot water, it is going to significantly increase your utility bill. 

3. Winterize your lawn equipment - Meaning put away all of your lawn equipment that you use in the spring and summer months and get out all of your winter equipment such as snow shovels, snowblowers, ice scrapers and salt. 

4. Clean out your gutters and eaves - Get on the roof and carefully remove clutter from your eavestrough. By cleaning these before winter gets too bad, it will prevent ice blockages which may cause the snow and water to run off the drain towards the foundation of your home instead of away from it. 

5. Make sure you have adequate insulation - The best way to fight against the cold is proper insulation. You want to ensure that areas such as your attic and crawl spaces have proper insulation to keep the warm air throughout the entire home instead of always rising to the attic. 

6. Lower your thermostat to save on utility bills - This is something you should do when you are leaving your home for an extended period of time, whether you are going away for the weekend or on a family vacation for a week. This is a great way to save money as you don’t need to keep the house as warm as when you are there, in the home. For more tips on energy-efficiency in your home, click here.

7. Have your chimney inspected and cleaned - Everyone loves to sit in front of a cozy fire on a winter night. To prevent anything bad happening, like a fire,  clean the chimney to remove soot and tar buildup This is a good idea, especially if you have a wood burning fireplace in your home. 

8. Check or replace all smoke alarms - The beginning of a new season is a great time to check and ensure your smoke alarms are working properly in your home. 

9. Prepare your windows and doors - Gaps around the window frames and doors can allow air inside, so you want to ensure that all doors and windows are weather-stripped, so no cold air is getting inside your home this winter. 

 10. Have an HVAC technician service your heating system - This is a good time for your HVAC technician to do an annual checkup making sure that all motors and blowers are running cleanly and efficiently.

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