5 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

By: Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team

5 Tips to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

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When potential buyers are searching for a new home, first impressions matter. When coming to look at your house, the first thing that prospective buyers will notice is your curb appeal, your landscaping, and the cleanliness of your home’s exterior. 
When staging a home for sale, many owners will focus their attention on the inside of their home and forget about the outside. With the warmer weather ahead, here is a list of tips to help give your home great curb appeal and assist with selling your home quicker!

1. Topcoat

The first way to spruce up your curb appeal is to apply a fresh layer of mulch or soil to your garden beds. The colour of fresh mulch or soil will enhance the contrast of the surrounding plants and makes everything within your garden bed ‘pop’. 
A simple topcoat is fairly cheap and easy to apply to your garden. However, its impact is huge — it makes everything stand out and instantly adds curb appeal to your home!

2. Plant Colour

Adding a splash of colour within your garden is an easy way to not only give your home curb appeal, but also to set your home apart from others on the market. 
When adding a splash of colour to your landscape, it is important to choose a colour that fits the look of your home. Try to find complimentary colours or other colour combinations that work well together!

3. Shape Overgrown Trees and Shrubs

You don’t always have to re-plant your existing garden. When you are cleaning up the front yard or the backyard, this is a great time to trim overgrown trees or shrubs and get rid of any dead branches or leaves. 
A clean exterior with well-pruned trees and shrubs will show potential buyers that the exterior of your home is maintained, as well as the interior.  

4. Tend to Annuals and Perennials

If your plants are in bad shape, then they need to be removed before showing your home to potential buyers. 
Remove dead or dying plants and replace them with new plants. You don’t want a dead plant right outside your home — this shouldn’t the first thing that someone sees before entering your home. 
If you are going to be replanting, make sure you consider different sizes, colours, and textures to give you home’s exterior some visual interest. 

5. Power-Wash Surfaces

If you have interlocking porch or deck outside your home, consider power-washing it before putting your home on the market. 
A simple power wash can help to remove any grim that has accumulated over these areas, making it look almost brand new. Power washers are also good for cleaning windows, brick, vinyl siding, and fences. 
First impressions are important. By adding curb appeal to your home through planting or simple cleaning, it will help to catch the potential buyer’s eye — especially when you showcase the unique features of your home through careful landscaping.
If you are looking to put your home on the market, contact the Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team for help improving its curb appeal today!