6 Spring Home Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

By: Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team

6 Spring Home Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

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Thinking about home maintenance can be quite daunting, especially to a new home owner. Caring for a new home is not only taxing on your wallet but also quite time-consuming. We have prepared a list of seasonal tasks for home maintenance so you won’t feel overwhelmed.

As soon as we begin opening up our windows again to get some fresh air, we suddenly want the inside of our home to smell as fresh as the outside. Spring is the perfect time to get spic and span, so head outside and celebrate the fact that both you and the exterior of your home have survived another gruelling winter.

Check water drainage
April showers bring May flowers, but, if you are having drainage issues, they may also bring expensive water damage. Pay attention to the way the melted snow runs off your roof – it should flow away from your home and its foundation. If you notice any issues, such as water seeping or pooling, it is important to investigate further. It is not a good idea to climb onto the roof, so use binoculars to look for damage on shingles or soffits.

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Clean out gutters
A major cause for improper drainage is a blockage in your eavestroughs or downspouts caused by leaves and other debris. Cleaning out your clogged gutters is necessary when seeking to avoid water drainage disasters. Since safety is the most important thing, you should only take on this task if you can work safely from a ladder and if your home is no more than one storey. If your roof is any higher than that, you are better off to hire someone to do it.

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Small Repairs – Big payoffs
Tend to chipping paint, crumbling bricks, and small holes in your siding as soon as possible. Making these small repairs can save you money in the long run, not to mention the fact that your home will look newer for longer. These jobs can be done by you or a professional, depending on your expertise or comfort level.

Keep bugs off
When you pop open your windows to let in the joys of spring, you may also let unwanted bugs or animals in if your screens have holes or tears in them. Although it is possible to fix a window screen, it’s also quite inexpensive to have a screen replaced. Knowing that the sunshine can come in and bugs can’t is worth your effort.

Pick up dead weight
Properties are often littered with debris after winter’s reign. So now it’s time to clear the dead plants away and make room for new plants to grow. Cleaning the yard and pathways make spending springtime outdoors more enjoyable. Remember to wear heavy gloves to avoid injury and use the proper bags to ensure they will be accepted for pick up by your waste removal trucks.

Inspect the concrete
Inspect any concrete slabs surrounding your home for signs of movement or visible cracking. If you find cracks, repairing them can be quite simple. Rinse the area first with a power washer if available, and then, take the time to fill in each one of the cracks with silicone caulking or concrete crack filler.

Trim overgrowth
If you have shrubs and trees around your home, it’s a good idea to inspect individual limbs now, before there is foliage on them so you can see what needs to be trimmed. Branches should be kept between five and seven feet away from your house so they don’t conduct moisture on your roof or siding; it’s also a good way to keep the critters from scurrying along branches to your rooftop and discovering a new home in your attic.

Thinking about home maintenance can be quite daunting. Using this list of seasonal tasks for home maintenance can keep even the newest home owner from being overwhelmed.
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