Design Trends for 2023

By: Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team

Design Trends for 2023

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With a new year comes new design patterns, everything from timeless pieces to fresh takes on old styles. For 2023, there are some fantastic home design trends that are predicted to make their way into many homes. 

If you’re renovating or building a new home in 2023, here are some design trends that are predicted to be popular this year:

Terrazzo Tile
This type of tile is predicted to be seen in kitchens and bathrooms throughout 2023. There is such a variety in colour from monochromatic to splashes of colour that is sure to add a unique element to any space it is in. 

Wooden Décor
Wood is becoming a major trend that is staying year after year. From small furniture to décor items, this design element is sure to add some warmth to any space in your home. 

Wallpaper has been a design element for a while but has become more popular over the last several years. There are so many variations from peel and stick wallpaper to wall decals which makes it an easy design element that you can change often.  This year, expect to see more floral and darker wallpaper.
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White Kitchen
Even though in 2022 there were a lot more colourful kitchens, expect to see the return of the classic white kitchen with some small colourful elements such as a coloured island. This is a trend that seems it will be sticking around for at least the next few years. 

Earthy Tones
We have seen it before in previous years, but this trend is making its way back in 2023. It is being predicted that earthy tones are going to be the colour palette of the year including a lot of brown tones.
This colour palette also allows you to add and change accent colours seasonally or whenever you see fit. It is a versatile style that can suit a wide range of homes.

Behr Colour of the Year
One design trend that happens annually is the Behr Colour of the Year. Every year, Behr has a Colour of the Year, which is expected to make its way into many homes in a variety of ways. 

The Behr Colour of the Year for 2023 is Blank Canvas.  This is an off-white, which is said to be universally appealing to homeowners as it is quite versatile. Blank Canvas is a paint colour that can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or even used to paint accent pieces of furniture.

Colour of the Year 2023 - Blank Canvas | BEHR Paint

Trends are trends because people have all agreed that it is the right direction. That being said, adding your own personal flare to your home is a trend that will never go away!