How To Create A Functional Homework Station

By: PMG Team

How To Create A Functional Homework Station

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As school has begun and the kids are getting into their school routine, now reality begins. Between the daily math questions for homework to the upcoming science projects things are about to get a whole lot busier. In the past the kids might have used the kitchen table as the place to do their homework, however it was distracting for them and you felt there wasn’t enough room in the kitchen for everyone at the same time. It might be a good idea to create a functional homework station for the kids to do all their work in one particular area. Regardless if you have an office space in your home you can still create one to fit your kids’ needs as well as your own. Here is a list of ways to create a function homework station if you don’t have a designated room for homework.

Location is KEY

It is important that your children have a functional and quiet work space to complete their math questions or science projects. It is important that you pick an appropriate location for this station: one which is quiet but can easily be accessed as they may have questions. You should also make sure that they are not distracted by other noises or the television.

Size doesn’t matter

There are a lot of different ways you can make portable or space-saving homework stations for your kids. A drop-down wall desk, a moveable wheelie cart, or a small desk area within your living space are all great options for homework stations. Supplies In order to set up a successful homework station, it is important that you make all the necessary supplies available in that central location. This will eliminate you children getting up and down 500 times to sharpen their pencil or get an eraser or find a purple marker. Have all the supplies in an area which is organized all near the homework station.

Homework Tracker

Having a calendar is essential to making the station functional and easy for all kids. You want to make sure that you are not only aware of when homework and assignments are due but also making your kids responsible for their own homework. Implement a colourful wall calendar into the homework stations they can update the calendar or mark things off as they complete it.

Make it a FUN Space

As homework is not fun by many kids when they do have to complete their homework you want to have a space for them in which they feel comfortable and at ease. It is important that you have the right size chair for them –depending on their height- and implement personal touches such as photos or artwork they have previously created. Setting the scene with a functional homework station can help your child to concentrate on the task at hand and complete their homework with minimal issues.