By: Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team



Credit History:
Make sure your mortgage broker pulls your credit
report to get a full understanding of your financial
situation. If a lender is giving you a pre-approval
that isn't underwritten, it doesn't hold much merit

Down Payment:
Make sure your mortgage broker is checking if you
have the minimum required down payment for
your purchase

Be upfront with your mortgage broker about any
potential career changes that could take place
from the time of the pre-approval to the file going
live with an offer

Closing Costs:
Make sure you are left with some savings after
your down payment to cover closing costs and
keep you afloat

Pre-approvals can hold your rate for up to 120
days, but normally after that your pre-approval will
expire unless renewed by your mortgage broker

If you have any questions about pre-approvals, do not
hesitate to reach out