Sellers Guide

By: Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team

Sellers Guide

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Planning to sell? If you are, there are probably a few questions floating around your head and you do not know how to answer them. Questions such as "How much is my home worth?", "Do I need an agent or can I do it on my own?", "Is the market good right now?", "How do I get the most for my home" and many more.

The best way to have your questions answered is by talking with an experienced real estate agent. Feel free to do some research on your own before contacting an agent, but do not overwhelm yourself if you do not understand everything. This mini-guide will help you navigate through your questions and will leave you feeling a little more confident about the process.

Step 1: Choosing the Best Agent for the Job
A good agent will lift the burden of selling a house and will work to sell your home for the best price in the shortest period of time. The benefits of using a real estate agent are, having your home priced correctly, having a seasoned negotiator in your corner, marketing expertise beyond just an MLS listing, and someone to organize the showings and paperwork.

Step 2: Price Right to Profit More
Pricing is something agents spend their careers refining and mastering. They combine intimate local and national market knowledge, exhaustive study of comparable homes for sale, and an analysis of past sales to come up with the optimal list price. Then they combine that with your unique needs to set a price that fits your home.

Step 3: Prepare to Amaze
After price, the condition of your home is the single biggest factor that determines how fast - and for how much - your home sells. You can dramatically improve how your home sells with a few quick steps; clean, declutter, make minor repairs, staging, and clean again.

Step 4: Maximize Exposure to Buyers
Getting the word out about your home matters for two critical reasons. First, buyers cannot be interested if they do not know your home exists, and more importantly, the more buyers you have interested in your home, the higher the potential sale price and speed of the sale. Marketing your home to the biggest audience possible takes more than just a sign on your front lawn.

Step 5: Negotiate Like a Master
You might have multiple offers on your home and in most cases, the offers won't match the list price of your home... but this is where your experienced real estate agent will negotiate on your behalf to get you the best price for your home! It starts with a conversation about the offer and conditions, then you can make a counteroffer. Remember, the price is not the only thing you can negotiate.

These are just a few tips to help you understand what the seller's process is like. For more information about selling your home or if you would like to talk to a real estate agent, contact the Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team today at and ask for our seller's guide!