Spring Cleaning Tips

By: Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team

Spring Cleaning Tips

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Spring is the perfect time to get your home spic and span. After a long, cold winter there are a lot of things around your home that need to be cleaned up and repaired. 

Here is a list of seasonal tasks that you can do to ensure your home is ready for the warm spring and summer weather:

1. Washing the Windows

When cleaning up your home for spring, you are likely to wash the outside of your windows, but it is just as important to make sure the inside of your windows are clean as well. 

In order to remove the spots and smudges from the outside, try and clean the windows on an overcast day. This will allow you to properly clean the windows without the sun dying the cleaner before you can finish rinsing them.

2.Check Water Drainage

April showers bring May flowers, but if you are having drainage issues, they may also bring expensive water damage. It is important that you ensure the water flows away from your home and its foundation. 

If your home’s drainage is not working properly, then it is important to investigate further for other problem. Check for damaged shingles to ensure there is no water damage in your roof or other issues that could arise from improper drainage. 

If there are problems, you want to make sure they get fixed as soon as possible. 

3. Clean Out Gutters

A major cause of improper drainage is a blockage in your eavestrough and downspouts, caused by leaves and other debris. 

Cleaning out your clogged gutters, especially after winter, is necessary to avoid water drainage catastrophes. 

4. Do Small Repairs 

Spring is the perfect time to freshen the exterior and interior of your home. 

An easy way to make your home fresh is by adding a new coat of paint. Whether it is a full paint job or a touch-up job, this is a great way to make your home feel new with minor effort. 

Another way to freshen up your home is by fixing any crumbling bricks or small holes in the siding of your home or on your deck and patio. 

5. Clear Away Winter Debris

Properties are often littered with debris after winter’s reign. So now it’s time to clear the dead plants away and make room for new plants to grow. 

Cleaning the yard and pathways make spending springtime outdoors more enjoyable. Remember to wear heavy gloves to avoid injury and use the proper bags to ensure they will be accepted for pick up by your local waste removal trucks.

6. Inspect the Concrete

Inspect any concrete slabs surrounding your home for signs of movement or visible cracking. 

If you find cracks, repairing them can be quite simple. Rinse the area first with a power washer, if available, and then take the time to fill in each one of the cracks with silicone caulking or concrete crack filler.

7. Trim Overgrowth

If you have shrubs and trees around your home, it’s a good idea to inspect individual limbs now, before there is foliage on them, so you can see what needs to be trimmed.

Branches should be kept between five and seven feet away from your house, so they don’t conduct moisture onto your roof or siding. It’s also a good way to keep the critters from scurrying along branches to your rooftop, so they don’t discover a new home in your attic.


Follow this list of spring cleaning tips, you will be able to spend more time outside and enjoy the warm weather that you have been waiting for all winter!