What to Look For in Preschools in Caledon

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What to Look For in Preschools in Caledon

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Deciding where your child should go before they attend elementary school is an important decision. Although it can be stressful and difficult, as you have to decide who to trust with your child, it is an important step in your child’s education. By choosing a good preschool, you can provide a great experience for your child and set them up for future success.

Things to Look For in Caledon Preschools
When looking into a preschool or school facility for your child in Caledon, here are some things you should consider:

1. A Good Reputation
It is always a good idea to research preschools before going to see it. When you are deciding which school your child will attend, you want to ensure that the school has a good reputation.
Be careful of trusting online reviews — sometimes people post reviews on the internet in anger and it may not be 100% true. It is usually a good idea to ask the school if there are any parents you can contact, in order to see if they would give a reference. 
Essentially, if you don’t hear many good things about the school or it doesn’t feel right when you walk into the facility, it might be a good idea to keep looking.

2. Stimulating Curriculum
It is important that a school has a daily schedule that allows the children to have time for physical activity, quiet time, group programs, crafts, individual activities, and, most importantly, free time. You want to have a schedule and curriculum that will not only encourage independence, but also inspire creativity.

3. Qualified & Caring Staff Members
You want to find staff members who will love and care for your child as if they were their own. The staff members should be engaged, enthusiastic, and well-prepared for the children. This is something that is based on observation and a feeling when you enter the facility. When you are going to look at a facility, it might be a good idea to bring your child along with you. This way you can observe the interaction between your child and the staff members to ensure that it is going to be the right place for you and your family. 

4. Clean & Safe Facility
It is important for you to see that the facility is clean and that all safety measures have been taken. If the school meets your standards, then you know that your child will be safe while at school. If the school doesn’t match up, then you should consider other options.

5. License
When visiting a preschool facility, ask to see their licenses and credentials. If the preschool is licensed it means that they have met the ministry requirements for a preschool facility. Any preschool that you choose should have these certifications as a minimum.
Here are some helpful questions that you might want to consider asking the preschool you are looking into: 
Are meals and snacks provided?

  1. Is potty training required?
  2. How is discipline handled?
  3. Are there opportunities for fine and gross motor development?
  4. What are the educational backgrounds and experiences of the teachers and staff?
 Find out if the answers to these questions align with your expectations. If it’s a match, then you’ve probably found a good fit for your child’s new preschool.

Recommended Preschools in Caledon

Choosing a preschool can sometimes be more difficult for parents as some child simply attend the elementary school or high school close to their home. To help you with your search for preschools, here is a list of preschools in the Caledon area which have a good reputation.

1. YMCA Facilities
The YMCA offers high-quality child care programs for infants to school-aged children. This program focuses on making learning come alive by allowing children to explore and discover at any age.  Their preschool is unique because children can also continue to attend it after they have started kindergarten, through before and after school programs. It is a great way to establish a routine that will be familiar for your child during their younger years.

2. Eureka Kids School
Eureka Kids School began as a small daycare called Jana’s School, which focused on academics. The main goal of this preschool program is to balance the structure of academics with the creativity of free time. By having a strong academic foundation, the children have a solid head start before entering kindergarten. This is a great choice for parents who want to prepare their children for school more thoroughly.

3. Puddle Jumpers
The owner of Puddle Jumpers is a primary teacher from the local school board and has a lot of knowledge on what children need in order to be prepared for school. Puddle Jumpers sends parents reports with daily photos, sample work, and special event activities to ensure that the parents are always informed. 
This preschool also has before and after school care for children in kindergarten to grade 6, with bus transportation depending on the school location. Puddle Jumpers is a great way to create both a structured routine for your child’s early years and ensure a strong academic base for them.

4. Village Child Care Centre 
Village Child Care Centre has a simple philosophy. They give children the tools to develop their individual personality. The programs they offer are the toddler program (ages 18 months to 2.5 years) and the preschool program (2.5 years to 6 years). 
This child care centre has a well-rounded staff with early childhood educators and members of the Ontario College of Teachers. They all have several years of experience in the teaching field with a passion for teaching for younger students.

5. Headwater Hills School 
Headwater Hills School has three different programs accommodating ages 3 until children in grade eight. This school believes that learning should be a fun adventure and focus on the social and emotional development in the learning process. 
Headwater Hills School’s main focus is to help children reach their full potential — even at the age of three. This school encourages independent work as much as possible, in order to encourage children to strive for the best. Headwater Hills School is a great option for a more structured learning environment that can continue throughout the elementary school level. 
Regardless of the preschool program or school you choose for your child, the most important element is that you, as the parent, feel comfortable and confident when leaving your child there. When putting your child in a preschool and school you should leave them knowing they are going to grow and thrive.
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