Why You Should Hire a Local Real Estate Agent

By: Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team

Why You Should Hire a Local Real Estate Agent

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It is a fact that more than 8 out of 10 real estate transactions occur with the help of a real estate agent or real estate broker and for that, there is a good reason for this statistic. A real estate professional, especially a local realtor, is going to be intimately familiar with the home buying and home selling process. Realtors are highly experienced with marketing homes, as well as what is needed to successfully negotiate a purchase. More importantly, it is their full-time occupation, allowing you to go on with your life while they handle all of the particulars. 

The Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team brings over 32 years of experience with buying and selling homes in Brampton, Caledon, Georgetown, Orangeville, and surrounding areas. With our experience, you can trust that we have gained exceptional knowledge of the particular markets mentioned.

One of the most valuable benefits of working with a local agent is the help they can offer; understanding how much you can afford for a new home or how much your home is worth. While this seems like it should be general knowledge for all agents, understanding the local real estate market is what sets apart a local agent and an out-of-town agent. It is important to be familiarized with the market situation in your area or the area you are looking to purchase because situations are different throughout the GTA.

Local agents are provided the most up-to-date property listings and comparisons. There are dozens of resources to search for homes, but the most reliable and efficient resource is the MLS system. While all agents have access to the system, a local agent will get constant updates in your area, making their information extremely beneficial to any of your real estate transactions.

An experienced local real estate agent is better at finding homes and qualified buyers for you. Sure, any real estate agent can help you browse home listings, provide staging tips and set up showings. Although, an experienced agent has built connections and learned over the years that an out-of-town agent just can’t compete. They will also be familiar with the tools of the trade – from online listing sites to all the paperwork it takes to simply make an offer on a home. In building these connections and large networks of people, they can easily find you the perfect home or a qualified buyer for your home.

Local agents are experts at pricing. Home pricing is much of an art as science is. A local and experienced agent doesn’t rely solely on comparable home sales. They rely on their experience with the area to judge whether a home is over or underpriced. They will know exactly how to price your home based on the surroundings and past experiences of your area, making sure you get exactly what you deserve when it comes to your transaction.

Experienced agents are master negotiators. You can rely on their experience to know what items to stick to when it comes to negotiating and which items really aren’t that important. 

The experience of your local area just speaks for itself. Just like anything in life, when you are hiring a professional, you want someone who is experienced and knows what they are doing. You wouldn’t hire an expert plumber to repair a hole in your wall. The same goes for an out-of-town real estate agent who may know the ins and outs of the market of where they are from, however it could be extremely different from where you live. You need to find someone who can provide you the best possible service, give you the best information and help make the home purchase as stress-free as possible. 

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