Winter Family Fun in Halton Hills

By: Mitchell Saldanha Real Estate Team

Winter Family Fun in Halton Hills

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Winter Family Fun in Halton Hills
With all this cold weather and snow, most of us are probably dreaming about being somewhere sunny and laying on a beach. Even if the cold winter climate isn’t for you, there are so many fun winter activities to do in Halton Hills. Here are our top six suggestions for winter family fun in Halton Hills:

After a fresh snowfall, you'll want to make your mark in the white fluffy stuff, whether it be by cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, tubing, or snowboarding. Regardless of your preferred activity, there are a variety of locations to hit the slopes in Halton Hills. 
Glen Eden is a perfect place for downhill skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding during the cold weather. With variety of slopes, it is a great destination for individuals of all ages and skill levels — perfect for the whole family! 
If you’re more into cross-country skiing, Conservation Halton has a great list of local trails to check out in the area. 

Why not go for a winter hike or go snowshoeing? Tote your camera, kids, and binoculars and admire the beautiful winter transformations. Winter is still a great time to get outside and take in some of the art and beauty of nature and there are many excellent trails in the area. 
While on your winter hike, you could turn it into a scavenger hunt for you and your kids. Young and old will love the thrill of discovery in the great outdoors. A winter scavenger hunt can include: 
Spotting animal tracks in the snow
Gathering pinecones
Finding the largest icicle
Locating a tunnel made in the snow by animals
Spotting a frozen waterfall
Collecting cocoons or nests 
Identifying various needles from evergreen trees

And much more! In a winter wonderland, your only limit is your imagination!

A must-do thing this winter is going skating — either indoor or outdoor. There are a multitude of facilities for skating during the winter months, suitable for people of all ages. Some of the most popular outdoor spots include Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, Cedarena in Markham, Gage Park in Brampton. 
Nathan Phillips Square has become a major tourist attraction during the winter months. You can skate underneath the lights right in the heart of downtown Toronto. Cedarena is a 75 year old outdoor rink, which is completely surrounded by trees in the Rouge Valley. This location makes for a very scenic night skate!
If being outside in the cold and skating isn’t your thing, there are also a lot of options for skating inside. A multitude of recreation centres have public skating which are good for a variety of ages of individuals and skill level. Two of the recreation centres that offer indoor skating in Halton Hills are the Acton Arena and the Mold-Masters Sportsplex in Georgetown. 

It is always a great idea to have some family fun right in your own backyard. When fresh snow falls, there is nothing better than building a snowman. You can be creative with how your dress your snowman. Maybe you could use some of your own winter accessories or use one of your old Halloween costumes? Be creative in order to help bring Frosty the Snowman to life right in your own backyard! 

Sliding downhill is an exhilarating activity! You can use sleds, flying carpets, or old-fashioned toboggans. Scout out a good, safe hill to conquer with that toboggan you've been storing in the garage! 
There are two main areas in Halton Hills where you can safely tobogan with your loved ones: Cedarvale Park in Georgetown and Sir Donald Mann Park in Acton. Both of these locations are inspected daily to ensure they are safe for all individuals using them. 
So why stay cooped up this Winter? There is so much to do to enjoy our great Canadian outdoors in Halton Hills! Get out, bundle up, and have fun!