Fall Design Trends 2019

By: PMG Team

Fall Design Trends 2019

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With autumn around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about updating your home to accommodate for the seasonal change. Each new season brings new colour and design trends. It’s important to stay on top of these trends, especially if you’re thinking of selling your home.

At the Paula Mitchell Group, we’re passionate about staying on top of the latest trends in home decor. Here is a list of our favourite home design trends for Fall 2019: 

Navy Blue 

Navy Blue is a great way to add a dark colour to your home without going black. Navy works well with just about any colour, making it very versatile. It is a colour that can be neutral or used as an accent in any room of your home. 


We love navy because it tends to work with almost every style of decor!

Autumn Maple 

When people tend to think about fall, one of the main colours that is often associated with the season is orange. Autumn Maple is simply that — a shade of orange that will bring warmth to any room in your home. 


People love to use Autumn Maple because it is the perfect shade of orange; a brown undertone that helps to correlate with many neutral colours. Orange can often be a difficult colour to bring into a design, but the brown undertone makes it easier to pair with neutral colours. 


We also find that Autumn Maple pairs really well with copper and similar metallic tones. 


Red is can be a powerful colour in any given room. We love to use scarlet red because it can add the perfect amount of colour to a room — as long as it is used carefully!


If you do decide to add scarlet to your home design, here’s a quick tip: use it as the only bold colour in a room, then tone it down by using more neutral colours in the space. This will help ensure that your room doesn’t overwhelm you and your guests.


Burgundy is a go-to fall colour that is popular in this season because of its ability to add warmth to any room. 


We find that burgundy can be paired with light neutrals or dark neutrals to add warmth and elegance to any room. Some of our favorite colours to pair with burgundy are golds, browns, or greys — try them out for yourself and let us know which is your favourite!

Neutral Grey

Neutral Grey has been a colour trend for a while now, and it does not look like it’s going anywhere. If you are not into bold colours and prefer a more neutral tone for your home, this is the perfect choice for you!


Neutral grey is a great option to use as the base, allowing you to add bolder colours through accent pieces and other decor. For the fall season, we recommend using accent pieces in the tones of oranges and red — for instance, Autumn Maple or Scarlet. 


Since there are so many shades of grey, you can use different varieties to add depth and dimension to any space in your home.

After all is said and done, design is a personal preference! Use design trends to guide your choices — even if it is just a pop of colour or an accent piece. For help with staging your home using the latest design trends, contact the Paula Mitchell Group today.
Photo Credits: Bluelace Home & Design