My biggest passion is helping children and underprivileged families in our community and globally. It brings me so much joy knowing that the charities and non-profit organizations I support makes a difference in so many people’s lives.

My husband and I have been doing humanitarian work in Belize for over 5 years. We were major donors in helping to build and support a children’s home and also have been sending goods to poorer families in remote areas of Belize. We have also had school bag and supplies drives and have sent numerous barrels to those in need. We are now involved in supporting a number of youth struggling to get themselves through University. Support is in the form of mentoring, advising and parenting from afar and financial. We have seen a number of your supports go on to live productive lives as teachers and accountants.
We also hold annual events to support and raise awareness for The Shelter Foundation and other community focused on non-profit organizations. Sign up for our newsletter, Facebook or Twitter to receive notice of our events.

Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation

My team and I are proud to be members of the only Canadian real estate company to have their own charitable foundation. All of the administrative costs of the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation are underwritten so that 100% of every dollar donated goes directly to helping the cause.

World Vision

At the heart of World Vision Canada is the conviction that every child is precious. That passion makes serving as a supporter highly satisfying. World Vision also gives priority to initiatives that are strategic, sustainable and offer the best chance for permanent change. Clear-eyed analysis and skill helps the organization to constantly reach further, one reason World Vision is Canada’s leading non-governmental development organization.

The Darling Home for Kids

The Darling Home for Kids is an organization that provides care and support to children with who are medically fragile and technology dependent, many of whom suffer from progressive illness in Ontario.

The Family Transition Place

Family Transition Place is working to raise respect and eliminate violence in the community by providing shelter and counselling to abused women and their children and delivering skill-building violence prevention workshops to youth and adults in Caledon and Dufferin regions.